Google's Back to School Resources to Help You Integrate Digital Skills Lessons in Your Class

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After reviewing Apple Education's back to school apps , today's post features another equally interesting resource to kick start your new school year. Back to School 2020 is a resource offered by Google for Education through Applied Digital Skills platform. It features 20 lessons to help you learn and integrate a wide variety of digital skills- focused lessons in your instruction be it online or in the classroom.

To start using these lessons you need to first set up a teacher profile by signing in using your Google account, then create a class and invite students to joint it using a generated class code. Once your class is created you can then add and assign  lessons to students.

Back-to school lessons featured in this section are classified into four major categories:Getting Started in Your Classroom, Time Management and Organization, Study Skills, and Art and Games. Each of these lessons contains short video tutorials accompanied by detailed instructions. For instance, in the Study Skills category you will have access to lessons on how to use flash cards to study vocabulary words from reading materials. Another lesson covers how to take notes for class by creating a table in Google Docs. There are also lessons on how to create Quizzes in Google Forms, how to practice spelling using slideshow presentation, and many more.

Check out Back to School lessons collection to learn more.