CampYouTube -A New Resource to Optimize Students Learning in Summer Camp Home

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#CampYouTube is a new educational platform available through YouTube Learning. #CampYouTube, as its name indicates, provides families with educational resources to help them make the best of their summer camps. These resources include various themed camps that cover four major areas: STEM, ARTS, Sports, and Adventure. There are also Campfire Talks that features informative videos to promote discussions around key societal issues, Field Trips where you get to explore the world from the comforts of your camp, and Break Time, a section that provides resources for 'snack recipes and craft projects'.

 STEM Camp is a fun camp that includes STEM resources for both teens and for families with kids under 13. The resources include YouTube videos that cover "everything from electronics and experiments to coding and chemistry".

Arts Camp is where families and their kids get to build their self-expression skills using videos that "touch on creative, visual, and performing arts". The offered resources include: a guitar starter course, creative writing workshop, comic book creation tutorials, drawing tutorials, online piano course for beginners, acrylic painting techniques and many more.

The Sports Camp section features video resources that "promote athletic skill development and training one's whole body". These include Yoga courses, at-home running drills, meditation courses, soccer and basketball how-to videos and many more.

The Adventure Camp  is a "camp [that] brings the outside in -- helping your family explore the world around you and inspiring an appreciation for nature." Some of the video resources it offers include: Camping Expert Advice, Explore Wildlife, Outdoor Recreation and Hiking How To, How to Use Binoculars, The History of Geology and many more.