A Good App Students Can Use to Convert Speech to Text in Real-time

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There are several web tools and mobile apps that you can use to create voice notes, however, only few of these tools prove helpful.  One of the reliable speech to text tools we have been using over the last few years is Google Docs Voice typing feature (it also works on Google Slides). The great thing about this feature, besides its accuracy,  is that it allows you to easily correct your  voice typed mistakes by simply moving   your cursor to where the mistake  is without having to turn off the microphone. Voice typing on Google Docs and Slides works only on Chrome browsers.

Another good speech to text app that we want to bring to your attention today is called Speech Notes. This app is free today and only for a limited period of time (shout out to App Advice). The app is simple and easy to use. Students can use it  to take voice notes on the go. You can also use it to record and capture fleeting thoughts and insights. Speech Notes enables you to 'convert real-time speech into text'.

Some of the main features provided by Speech Notes include:

  • "Convert Speech To Text - Press the Mic button and start speaking to convert your speech to text.
  • Delete, Copy and Share Notes - Users can delete a note, copy a note text on Clipboard and share Notes with other people.
  • Font Size - Users can change the text Font Size as per their requirement.
  • Text Alignment - Now choose your preferred text alignment option.
  • Color Theme - Choose among a wide range of Colour Themes to give your app a new look every time.
  • Languages - Supports more than 60 Locales
  • Edit Notes - Edit your Notes any time.
  • Create Unlimited Notes - Users can create Unlimited Notes"