5 Good Educational Apps Free Today

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This week's apps gone free collection features five good educational apps that are free for a limited period of time. Our favourite app in this list is Sketch Tree Pro, an excellent application to help you easily create professional looking sketches and drawings. Other featured apps include: Forvo,(for learning the pronunciation fo various languages); Kompressor (helps you compress images into different sizes), Cursive Writing (helps kids learn the basics of cursive writing), and Ear Cat (helps you develop your musical ear).

1- Forvo Pronunciation

This app helps you learn the pronunciation of over 340 languages. Some of the features it provides include:

  • "Search for words and listen to pronunciations from native speakers
  • English pronunciations, French pronunciations, German pronunciations, Chinese pronunciations, Spanish pronunciations and hundreds more
  • More than 4 million pronunciations available
  • Compare different accents for the same word in the same language
  • Listen to male or female voices
  • Keep track of your recently listened to pronunciations
  • Works with your forvo.com account
  • Exchange instant messages with other Forvo users
  • Record pronunciations in your native language and help fellow learners!
  • Request pronunciations from Forvo's thriving community
  •  Learn to pronounce properly in over 340 languages"

2- Kompressor - Compress images

This app enables you to compress images into various sizes. Some of the features it provides include:

  • "Three different compression ratios
  • Three different resizing ratios
  • Save compressed images as new files or replace with the original ones
  • Share images with other apps without saving them
  • Batch compression
  • Available Photos App Extension"

3- Sketch Tree Pro - My Art Pad

"Sketch Tree is a mobile drawing application created specifically for creative professionals. Its painting and drawing function is very groundbreaking, with realistic brushes and breakthrough watercolors. The canvas can be enlarged 64 times with a high-precision grid display, and the artwork is accurate to the pixel level. Full-featured painting tools, with over 80 exquisite brushes, erasers, smearing tools, ruler, cutter, filling and roller auxiliary tools, color picker, and an advanced layers system that can import background images and sketching, black ink, color painting, color separation, sharpen layer processing."

4- Cursive Writing App

As its name indicates, this app allows kids to learn and develop their cursive writing skills. It will help them learn to learn: lowercase cursive letters, uppercase cursive letters, connect cursive letters, practice cursive words, see cursive writing animation, convert words to cursive, and many more.

5- Ear Cat - Music Ear Training

"Ear Cat is a fun game created to develop your musical ear, with 80 levels that get progressively more challenging. An intuitive approach to recognising intervals. Improve your solfege and learn to identify pitches in relation to a tonal center."

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free