Kahoot! Academy- A New Educational Platform to Boost Your Online Education

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Kahoot! announced today the release of a new service called Kahoot! Academy which is "a worldwide knowledge platform, community, and marketplace for educators and publishers." Kahoot! Academy provides teachers and educators worldwide with a virtual space where they can collaborate, share educational materials, and create a global knowledge resource.


Learning resources in Kahoot! Academy will cover a wide variety of topics and curriculum standards and will be available in different languages. To join Kahoot! Academy and receive the verified educator status you need to fill in the application form in their site. Once you become a member "you can also offer your own content on the Kahoot! Academy marketplace, where you will be able to promote your own content and make it available for free or any way you prefer. Kahoot! will not charge any sales commission."

Keep in mind that "functionality for Kahoot! Academy will be rolled out gradually from June 2020, throughout the back-to-school season and into 2021."

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