Google Drive Cheat Sheet for Teachers and Educators

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As more and more of teachers and educators are having recourse to the services of Google Drive in their teaching, we thought of putting together a handy chart that will enable them to learn more about the functionalities embedded in this service. We have scoured Google Drive Hep and pulled out the resources below. Check them out and share with your colleagues.

1- Get Started with Google Drive
2- Use Google Drive Files Offline
3- Accessibility in Google Drive for Mobile Devices
4- Navigate in Google Drive with Screen Reader
5- Manage Files in Google Drive with A Screen Reader
6- Upload files and folders to Google Drive
7- Download a file
8- Backup photos and videos automatically in Google Drive
9- Store and play video in Google Drive
10- Save, edit and share Microsoft Office files
11- Save web content to Google Drive
12- Convert PDF and photo files to text
13- Organize your files in Google Drive
14- Delete and restore files in Google Drive
15- Find or recover a file
16- Find files in Google Drive
17- Sort your files
18- View activity and file versions
19- Use Google Drive apps
20- Change notification settings
21- Share files from Google Drive
22- Stop, limit, or change sharing
23- Make someone else the owner of your file
24- Share folders in Google Drive
25- Change your sync settings
26- Stop syncing files between your computer & Google Drive
27- Fix problems syncing to your computer
28- How Google Drive works with Google Photos
29- Back up iPhone data with Google Drive
30- Save, edit and share Microsoft Office files
31- Use Google Drive with Yahoo Mail
32- Attach Google Drive files to Evernote
33- Manage your maps in Google Drive
34- Back up WhatsApp messages (Android only)
35- Manage and restore your device backups in Google Drive
36- Use Google Drive apps