A New Content Curation Tool from Google

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Google has recently released a new social networking and web curation platform called Keen. This is, as MakeUseOf stated, Google's alternative to Pinterest. Keen allows you to curate content online and share your curated collections with others. As a teacher, you can use Keen for both educational and professional development purposes. You can create Keens around particular topics of interest and invite others to help you grow your collection. You also have the option to make your Keens private or public.

Source: https://www.blog.google/technology/area-120/keen/

Keen draws on the algorithmic power of Google Search and machine learning to provide you with the best recommendations based on your saved Keens."For every keen you create, we use Google Search and the latest in machine learning to remain on the lookout for helpful content related to your interests. The more you save to a keen and organize it, the better the recommendations become. Even if you’re not an expert on a topic, you can start curating a keen and save a few interesting “gems” or links that you find helpful. These bits of content act like seeds and help keen discover more and more related content over time. You can also follow keens that others have created, discovering thousands of hand-curated lists from the community and getting alerts when new things are added."

Watch the video below to learn more about Keen