Two Educational Websites to Help Your Kids Learn at Home

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As I was going through the resources provided by Zoom to help parents and teachers cope with the current pandemic, I discovered these two interesting websites I want to bring to your attention. The first website, Outschool, is an online platform that provides online classes for kids. Classes are delivered live through video conferencing by independent teachers for a fee  ($5/class). The second website is The National WWII Museum which offers a wide variety of educational resources to help students learn remotely about the history of WWII. Zoom's resource page is also worth checking out. It features resources on how to use Zoom in your distance education, tips and practices for effective remote working, and many more.

1- Outschool

"Outschool helps you find online classes for your kids.  We feature all kinds of online classes - for core academics or for enrichment - from hundreds of independent teachers.  Outschool makes it easy to enroll in one or more classes.The format varies based on the teacher and the class.  Most are live online classes, meaning they involve set meeting times and use video chat.  Most classes use messaging through Outschool to handle other communication. Some teachers also use other apps to help run their classes, in which case they will let you know. Parents are often surprised at the fantastic learning experiences that can occur through an online format."

2- The National WWII Museum

With school closures due to the current pandemic, "the Museum is committed to serving students, teachers, and parents who are now conducting school online. Teaching from home can present unique challenges, but The National WWII Museum offers a wide array of online resources to help you teach your students or children about the history of World War II from the comfort of your own home... [These resources include] a collection of lesson plans, essays, webinars, and at-home activities designed to help educators and homeschooling parents reach their teaching goals while they are away from their classrooms."