Interactive Presentation Templates to Teach Students about Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

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Google has recently teamed up with Pear Deck to design "custom, interactive presentations and vocabulary flashcards to accompany the Be Internet Awesome curriculum". You can easily integrate these pre-made slides into the presentations you share with students and help them learn more about how digital citizenship skills and how to stay safe while navigating the virtual world. Most importantly, these resources contain interactive elements allowing you to create an optimal learning experience for your students. As a teacher, you will be able to "control the pace of the lesson, view student answers from their Pear Deck Teacher Dashboard, and share completed lessons with students and parents through Google Drive".


Some of the topics covered by these presentations and vocabulary flashcards include: sharing content online (it features a number of activities to raise students awareness of  the potential implications of what they share online), scam (includes activities that teaches students about malicious content and how not to fall for it), privacy (features activities to teach students how to secure their privacy), and positive behaviour online ("help students see how to make choices that disempower bullying behaviour and create healthy, productive spaces to interact").

In order to be able to access and use these materials, you need to  "install the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on and use the Be Internet Awesome installer to get your slides and flashcard files. Just power it with Pear Deck, and you’re all set!"