Here Is An Easy Way to Create Educational Apps to Use in Your Teaching

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AppSheet is a platform that allows you to easily create various types of mobile apps without the need for any coding knowledge. As a teacher, you can use this service to design apps to help you enhance your teaching and optimize your students' learning. For instance, you can create apps to track and record students attendance, apps to organize or manage online instructions, apps to facilitate communicating with parents, apps to distribute class assignments and collect students feedback and many more. You can also create apps with a scanning capability that students can use to scan and read barcodes or design apps that include instructional guides and tutorials explaining a particular topic.  Most importantly, these apps and many other helpful apps are readily available in AppSheet's Sample Apps page where you can select and copy apps you want to use.

in this trying period we are going through and as distance education i gradually becoming the dominant mode of instruction, AppSheet can be of special help to boost your remote teaching. Moreover,  AppSheet is also integrated with Google Drive and has an add-on for Google Docs as. You can use the Drive add-on to easily create mobile apps from your Excel or Google Sheets. The process is simple and easy:

  1. "Install the AppSheet add-on for Google Drive
  2. Use a spreadsheet that has its data structured as a table. Make sure you have column headers and at least a few data rows.
  3.  Using the Drive user interface, open the spreadsheet file with AppSheet (right click on the file and use the menu).
  4.  This will take you to in a new browser tab 
  5. If this is the first time you are using AppSheet, you will be prompted to sign in to AppSheet with Google Drive and provide the necessary permissions
  6. Voila, your data is now transformed into a mobile app via AppSheet! You can now modify how the data gets displayed on the app and use advanced features such as mapping, forms, charting, and more." 
AppSheet offer three plans: a premium, a pro, and a business plan, learn more about their pricing here.

Watch the video below to learn more about how AppSheet works.