Educational YouTube Channels to Enhance Your Kids' Distance Learning

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In today's post we are sharing with you another great resource to help your kids' distance learning. Learn at Home YouTube channel is a fruit of a partnership between Google and several leading learning creators such as Khan Academy,  Sesame Street,, Common Sense Media and many more. The channel features content specifically designed for 'families with children of different ages and areas of interest'. This content comes in the form of resources and activities meant to help kids with their home schooling.

Content is divided into three main sections. The first section is for current live streams and the second section is for upcoming live streams. These are streams provided by educational channels on YouTube. The third and most important section is 'Videos' where you will get to access numerous learning channels sorted by age and subject area. There are playlists of youtube channels that provide educational content for families with children 13 and older, families with kids 5 and older, and families with preschoolers. As for subject area playlists, you will find channels for Science, Math, Humanities, and Electives. There is also another interesting resource called Field Trips where learners will get to explore the world through virtual-reality enabled videos. 'These videos can be played in your web browser, on your phone, or by using a stand-alone virtual reality device.'

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