An Excellent Green Screen App for Teachers

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If you are looking for a good green screen app to use in your teaching and with your students in class, Do Ink is definitely one of the first options you should consider. Green Screen by Do Ink allows you to easily create beautiful videos and visual presentations incorporating a wide variety of multimedia materials. As a teacher, you can use it to design tutorials, step by step guides, explainers, visual illustrations, presentations, posters and many more.

Green Screen by Do Ink provides numerous interesting features. For instance, it enables you to 'combine up to 3 elements at a time' and gives you the choice to record live videos using your camera or use already-recorded videos and photos. For parts of the video or photo that you don't like you can easily mask or crop them out, and in your timeline, you can further trim your videos and remove unwanted sections. Additionally, you can 'mix audio tracks from your videos and from the live camera'. Once your videos are completed, you can then save them to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or your Photo Library.

Green Screen by Do Ink was "the 2019 Winner of the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning by the AASL (American Association of School Librarians". Watch the video below to learn how you can create a green screen photo