A New Google App to Help Kids Develop Their Reading Skills

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Read Along is a new Google app designed specifically to help young learners develop their reading skills. The app offers some really exciting features that would probably make it one of the best free reading apps out there. Read Along includes "an in-app reading buddy that listens to your young learner read aloud, offers assistance when they struggle and rewards them with stars when they do well – guiding them along as they progress. It works best for children who already have some basic knowledge of the alphabet."

Source: Read Along App

More importantly, since the app is for kids the issue of privacy is such a concern for parents and teachers.  Google addressed this concern by making the app completely private and secure. Read Along does not require any 'name, age, specific location, contact, email address or phone number' from users. And once the app is dowloaded, it then works securely offline. No need for Wi-Fi or data. Also, besides being free, the app does no offer any in-app purchases and does not run ads.

To develop kids' reading skills, Read Along offers 'hundreds of stories and word games available in nine languages, including English and Spanish'. The app also empowers learners with tools to help them build their profiles, control their reading journey, check on their reading progress, access recommended reading stories based on their reading levels and many more.
Courtesy of Al Jazeera