A New Chrome Feature to Enhance Your Online Productivity

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Google announced today that it is releasing a new Google feature called 'tab groups' which will allow Chrome users to organize their opened tabs into various groups. I have been using Chrome for many years now and have always wondered why Chrome does not offer such a service to its users. I am a 'tab collector' and I usually have over 50 tabs open simultaneously.  Juggling between these many tabs can sometimes be challenging and that's why I rely on the help of third party extensions such as One Tab to assist me with aggregating my tabs into a single collection, which is nothing compared to the functionalities provided by Chrome' s new feature Tab Groups.
A New Chrome Feature to Enhance Your Online Productivity

Using tab groups you will be able to sort your opened tabs into categories you create and label with a name or colour. In this way you can group your "tabs by how urgent they are-- “ASAP,” “this week” and “later.” Similarly, tab groups can help keep track of your progress on certain tasks: “haven’t started,” “in progress,” “need to follow up” and “completed". Another important note about tab groups is that they are "customizable so you can decide how to use them. And just like regular tabs, your groups are saved when you close and reopen Chrome."

Tab groups, as Google stated, will start rolling out next  week, but you can use Google Chrome Beta if you want to preview how this functionality works.