5 Good Educational Apps Free Today

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Back to you with another collection of educational apps that are free today. Today's collection features apps that offer the following functionalities: import and read comics from different sources, learn multiplication via flash cards, enhance your productivity using a premium task manager, learn English vocabulary and sentence structure, and a brain teaser to engage creative minds.

1- iComics
This is a comic reader that allows you to import comics from various sources right into your iOS device. It supports numerous comic formats including ZIP, CBZ, CBR, EPUB, PDF, TAR and many more. Other features it provides include:

  • "Collections for organizing sets of comics.
  • Hot jumping directly from one comic to the next.
  • Super smooth scrolling when turning pages.
  • Comics can be imported from your PC via iTunes, or from other apps on your iOS device (Such as Dropbox, or Safari).
  • Comic files are never modified or destroyed (So you can get them back off your device whenever you want!)
  • A slider that lets you jump between comic pages quickly.
  • Comics can be read from left-to-right, or right-to-left (Great for Eastern comics)
  • Page zooming can be set to reset every time a page is turned, or locked to the same scale across all pages.
  • Extra wide comic pages can be split up and treated as two separate pages.
  • Many sharing settings including being able to email, print or locally save individual pages!"

2- Learn English Sentence Master
"Play and learn English grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure free by ordering the words to form correct sentences and sayings. Sentence Master is a fun and educational game for kids and English language students of all ages who want to learn and improve their language skills in a more entertaining way."

3- Primi Do
This is a task manager and a to-do list that offers interesting features to facilitate your workflow and enhance your productivity.  Some of the features it provides include

  • "Optional task details: due date, list, notes, priority, recurrence, reminders and tags
  • Full-month calendar with the tasks set for the selected date displayed below
  • Unique motivational pie-chart shows overall status of your tasks
  • App Badge auto updates to show pending tasks, even in standby mode
  • Overall viewing, sorting and filtering to help manage tasks
  • Tasks organized into 4 standard folders and as many custom folders as needed
  • Task recurrence types: every period, specific day(s), specific date and ordinal date
  • Backup and restore your data using iTunes file sharing and now also by Email".

4- MathEdge Multiplication 2020 
A good app to help students master the art of multiplication using flash cards. The app also shows kids how "to properly arrive at each answer with a guided step-by-step experience, improving their skills and understanding".

5- Cubes: brain teaser
"Cubes is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to form or complete a pattern with moving cubes.The first levels of the game are basic so you can master the concept quickly. Then you will have challenging levels but yet accessible with nice and cute pixel art patterns."

6- TracKit
"Keep track of your body weight, workouts, vitamins, water intake, meditation, expenses, etc. Track numbers, habits, goals and time. Set goals and see how you progress towards them on a chart."

Source: Apps Gone Free