4 of The Best Video Conferencing Tools for Teachers and Educators

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Virtual conversations have become the sine qua non of work and socializing particularly during this period of pandemic where lockdowns have almost paralyzed the 'normal' life we used to know before the outbreak. As teachers and parents, we have become desperately dependent on the power of digitality to help us minimize the devastating effects of the disruptions caused by the drastic measures taken to flatten the curve.

Over the last few weeks we have received numerous emails from parents and teachers from all around the world inquiring about EdTech tools to use for a variety of purposes and more emphatically for video conferencing. To this end, we have compiled this collection for you. It features what we believe are the platforms that offer the most optimal video conferencing experience for  education community.

This visual is also available for free download as a PDF from this page.

Video conferencing tools for teachers