2 New Google Sites Updates Teachers Should Know about

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In today's post we draw your attention to some important new Google Sites launched during the last few days. For those of you using Google Sites to host your class or personal website, there are now 10 new templates recently added to Sites gallery. You  can use these templates to easily create beautiful and professional looking websites with few clicks. You can even add your personal touch to the template you choose by customizing it the way you like.

To start using templates, head over to Google Sites and click on Template Gallery at the top right hand corner, select the template you want and a copy of it will automatically be opened. And since the new features come in a time of pandemic where most people work, teach, learn, and connect from home, Google comes up with some suggestions on the types of sites you can create during this period. These include:

  • "Help centers: Help users learn how to use new tools and resources, for example tools to enable a remote workforce or remote learning for students. 
  • Project sites: Help colleagues or classmates collaborate on a project remotely. 
  • Class or team sites: Have a centralized place for team resources and information. 
  • Club sites: Enable students to continue club activities while remote learning. 
  • Small business sites: Keep customers informed about your business, like your restaurant or design services, while they’re social distancing."
The second important update to Google Sites is the introduction of a new feature called 'announcement banners'. These are attention grabber banners usually placed at the top of the page where you, the site owner, can highlight urgent or important information you want to communicate to the visitors of your site. As a teacher, you can use announcement banners in your class website to communicate a wide variety of timely information to your students including assignments due dates, reminders, instructions, guidelines and many more.
Check out Google Sites blog for more recent updates.
Source of screenshot: Google Sites templates gallery.