Here Is An Excellent App to Hold Video Calls with Kids

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Amid this trying period we are going through, and as our kids's screen time has exponentially increased during the lockdown, our job as parents is to make sure our kids are accessing quality content and are spending quality time in front of their screens, (of course within the permitted screen time recommendations). In yesterday's post we talked about some of the educational resources parents can draw on to help their kids stay entertained while learning, and in today's post we are adding another important resource called Caribu that we learned from Erika Cheng and Tracey Wilkinson.

Caribu is a family  video-calling  app designed specifically with kids in mind. Caribu enables parents to hold video calls with their kids  while providing them with an interactive platform where they can read, draw, and learn together in real-time. Caribu integrates a wide variety of kids' books and classic stories parents can use for read-alouds during video calls with their kids. It also provides a number of colouring activities and engaging games (e.g., tic-tac-toe, word search, and puzzles). Parents can even use the app to take kids on virtual trips to museums in real-time.  Caribu is available for both iPad and Android.

There are numerous ways to use Caribu with your kids: "you can video-call in for art sessions, to draw and color their favorite animals together, uncover surprise eggs, and paint family masterpieces without the mess and cleanup." Below are some of the important features provided by Caribu:
  • " Read and draw with your kids or grandkids in an engaging video call
  • Thousands of great children’s book titles and many more added weekly
  • Paint and draw together without the mess
  • Play games such as tic-tac-toe, word search, and puzzles
  • Cook together and enjoy child-friendly recipes
  • Personalized children’s book recommendations at the end of every book
  • A wide variety of coloring sheets including everything from wild animals to learn the alphabet
  • Books available in multiple languages. English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, and Portuguese
  • Search by Categories like Age Group, Learning, Classics, Animals, Art, Cooking, and many more"

Watch the video below to learn more about Caribu