Here Is An Easy Way to Annotate Videos

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Reclipped is an excellent educational tool to use to annotate and create video snippets. It allows you to collect relevant parts from videos, add your comments and notes to them and then share them with others. You can trim videos and choose specific timestamps for the start and end of your snippet. Reclipped has recently added a great feature called ’Summary Note’. A summary note is ‘a special snippet for quick note-taking on videos. It is like a Scribble Pad, where you can write your thoughts and ideas in the form of bullet points, while watching the video. To help you revisit them quickly, ReClipped automatically adds the timestamps to your bullets.’

This is a great way to share video content with your students. You can create snippets, add your feedback or questions and invite students to discuss and comment on the clipped video content you shared with them. A somewhat similar approach used in the other tool (Flipgrid) we reviewed a few days ago. Both promote interactive and dynamic learning through video-based activities.

A Must Have Tool for Taking Notes on Videos

Reclipped is simple and easy to use, no software download is required. You can either use its Chrome extension so that whenever you are on a page playing a video you hit the Reclipped icon to start creating your snippets. Or, copy the URL of the video and paste it in Reclipped homepage. Reclipped supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, and AWS S3. Either way you need to be registered to use this service.  Registration is free.

After you have annotated and created your snippets you can select a board from the dropdown menu on the left to add it to. You can even invite collaborators to your boards and work together to edit, exchange feedback and create video content. All of your snippets, boards and bookmarked videos are accessible from your profile page on Reclipped. Additionally, Reclipped is also a platform where you can discover amazing video content annotated by other users. Check it out and share with us your feedback on our Facebook page.

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