Create, Collaborate, Present: Remote Learning/Teaching Resources for Teachers and Educators

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Apple Teacher has this collection of helpful resources to help enhance your remote learning/teaching through the use of iPad and Mac. These resources include a series of how-to videos designed to support distance learning. For instance, you will get to learn how to use the popular free app Clips to "create instruction videos for exploring new skills and ideas and how students can make videos to share what they've learned".

You will also get introduced to a wide variety of educational materials and guides to help you tap into the educational potential of iPad and Mac's built-in features. In this video tutorial, for example, you will discover the different ways to "access school resources and find apps that support remote learning. Learn how to use built-in iPad features to scan documents and stay organized. Use Markup to annotate teacher materials and student work. And get set up for screen recording, voice memos, and more."

Effective strategies of communication and collaboration are key to successful remote learning experiences. This resource provides you with some helpful insights on "how to stay connected, collaborate, and coach your students remotely with tools like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime, and Messages". Collaboration and effective communication in remote learning is also based on the ability to create  engaging presentations. To this end, this resource from Apple Teacher will help you hone in your presentation skills by showing you how you can use some of the built-in features and apps to design audio-visual content (e.g., step-by step tutorials, a demos, instruction videos, etc).

There are also resources to help you learn more about how to use features such as Speak Screen, Safari Reader, and Speech Controller in order to enhance your learners reading fluency and comprehension.

Another important remote learning resource from Apple Teacher is the 'remote learning chat highlights' where you will discover through  #AppleEDUchat discussions how other teachers and educators are leveraging the power of technology in distance education. For instance, you will learn about teachers' thoughts about embracing empathy in remote learning, the different strategies that support social and emotional well-being during this period of school closures, the numerous ways parents are dealing with the new reality of remote learning and many more.