A Visual Workspace to Enhance Remote Collaboration for Teachers

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As part of the educational resources on distance learning that we have been sharing over the last few weeks, today's post features an interesting platform you can use to enhance remote collaboration on joint projects.  Lucidchart, the popular diagraming tool, provides you with a practical visual workspace where you and your colleagues can remotely collaborate in real-time using the power of 'diagramming, whiteboarding and data visualization'.

One of the key features provided by Lucidchat is whiteboarding which you can use with your colleagues or co-workers to brainstorm ideas and develop outlines for new projects. Using the in-built tools such as sticky notes and the various shapes provided you can structure your visual workspace in such a way that it boost your overall productivity and enhances team work collaboration. Lucidchart also provides numerous pre-built templates to choose from and is also integrated with other popular web platforms such as Google Drive and Google Apps giving you much more flexibility in controlling your workflow.

Other features offered by Lucidchart include: the ability to embed diagrams on the web; access your Lucidchart across various devices; export diagrams as PDF, PNG, or Visio; view recent diagrams offline, and many more. However, most of the advanced functionalities are only avialable for pro users; as a free user you only have access to a limited set of basic features.

Here are some tutorials to help you learn more about what you can do with Lucidchart