Grading Apps for Teachers

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The rise of mobile technologies has triggered an unprecedented  learning/teaching revolution. They (mobile technologies) have destroyed boundaries, opened up new learning possibilities, and, most importantly, have  extended learning opportunities to include the virtual space. With this comes  flexibility and fluidity regarding the tempo-geographical dynamics surrounding learning. As a result, tons of learning resources have become available anywhere anytime. In today’s post, we want to particularly highlight one aspect of this mobile learning revolution that is digital grading.

As every teacher know, traditional pen and paper grading is a tedious and time-consuming task. It might take one  many hours to grade assignments of a single class let alone if you have many classes. A dreaded nightmare for sure! But now with the use of technology, and in this case mobile technologies, things have become way easier for teachers. There are a wide variety of apps that are designed specifically to assist teachers with their grading. More than that, most of these apps provide extra features besides grading which allow teachers to interact, connect and communicate with students, track attendance, download grading reports in various formats, provide real-time feedback and many more. Below is a collection of some of the best grading apps you can use on your iPad to help you effectively grade your students work and save precious  time. Check them out and share with us, in our Facebook page, if you have other suggestions to add to the list.

9 of The Best Grading Apps for Teachers
Allows you to quickly create formative assessment tests and quizzes and provides you with an instant grading system to visualize results data and determine ‘opportunities for further instruction’.

Another excellent digital application with helpful features for teachers and students. Google Classroom ‘is designed to help teachers create, collect and mark assignments paperlessly, including time-saving features such as the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google document for each student. It also creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to help keep everyone organized.’

A handy calculator to help you calculate test scores and percentages. ‘QuickGrader is a major upgrade from the old paper grading calculators, featuring a fully customizable interface and includes all the powerful features required for the modern classroom including half point values, adjustable grade scales, adjustable decimal values, plus/minus grading, and a friendly interface that is easy on the eyes. QuickGrader also prevents the screen from automatically dimming, allowing you to focus on grading.’

Use it to create forms and spreadsheets where you can organize students grades and calculate scores. It also provides several interesting collaborative and sharing features.

Another very good grading calculator that comes with a bunch of features including the ability to configure it to work with over 100 questions, display grades as whole numbers or with one decimal place, organize results into columns and many more.

A simple and easy way to create quizzes and tests and garden students work on the go. It offers free answer sheets available in various formats and sizes, organizes grading results in Excel and PDF friendly formats, arrange scores by students names and many more.

Showbie provides a number of learning and classroom management tools. As a teacher you can use its grading system to correct students assignments and provide them with instant textual, visual, and audio feedback. 

Teacher Aide Pro includes three main features: attendance tracker, a gradebook and a seating chart. Its gradebook supports up to 10 classes for free. Access to additional features costs $0,99 per month.

9- iGrade
This is a pro app that allows teachers, students and parents to keep track of things such as grades, attendance information, notes. It also works both online and offline.