Some Good Platforms for Educational Documentaries

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Looking for some good websites that provide curated educational documentaries? The collection below features some of our favourite options. These are platforms where you can get access to a plethora of documentaries spanning different topics and subject areas. You can browse through categories, pick the ones you want and share with your students. Documentaries come in with a short written synopsis and an embedded clip usually from popular video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. If your school blocks YouTube you probably will not be able to watch some documentaries from these sites.

documentary websites

  1- Documentary Heaven

Documentary Heaven features a wide variety of documentaries covering various topics. Documentaries are arranged into over 30 categories from Education and Human Rights to to Science and War. The ‘Popular This Month' section features trending documentaries for the month. You can also check the ‘Top 100’ tab for a collection of the most popular documentaries in the site.

2- Documentary Storm

This is another good website that curate educational documentaries from different online sources.  You can use the integrated search functionality to look for a specific documentary or browse the collections by category. Similar to Documentary Heaven, Documentary Storm  also  has a section for the most popular documentaries which you can access under ‘Explore’ menu. There is also a section called ’New Arrivals’ featuring the recently released documentaries.

3- Documentary Addict

Documentary addict offers a massive library of educational and entertaining documentaries embedding over 5000 online documentaries. You can use the menu on the left hand side to browse through the collections. Documentaries are sorted into the following categories: Best Documentaries, 9/11, Art/Music, Comedy, Nature, Media, History, Politics, Religion, Sexuality and many more.
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