Infographic Featuring Chromebook Tips for Teachers

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For those of you using or planning to use Chromebooks in their instruction, the infographic below is a good resource to keep handy. It is also one of our popular graphics we shared last year. It features what we believe are the eight important tips every Chromebook user should be aware of. These include: how to uninstall apps and extensions, add apps and extensions to Chromebook, save files to Google Drive, customize the privacy settings of your Chromebook, share your Chromebook with others, save and view webpage bookmarks, add people to your Chromebook, and control who can use your Chromebook. We have also created a downloadable PDF format for this visual which can be accessed from this page. As always, feel free to download, print or share the visual the way you want provided you credit us as the source and you keep it free of charge. Enjoy
  An Excellent Infographic Featuring Basic Chromebook Tips for Teachers
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