Here Is An Excellent Videoconferencing Tool to Try Out

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Proficonf is an excellent videoconferencing tool to add to your educational digital toolkit. It offers a wide variety of interesting features that allows you to do way more than simply holding video calls with colleagues and co-workers. It's user-friendly design together with the powerful functionalities it offers makes it a a real must-have for those of you keen on taking their videoconferencing experience to the next level. Proficonf is simple and easy to use and does not require any software installation; it works right from your browser. You simply register, create a room, and then share the link of your room with whoever you want to videoconference with. it supports up to 250 simultaneous participants. No registration or downloads are required for guests.

Here is a quick review of  some of the best features provided by Proficonf
 The first one that stands out is the ability to share a wide variety of multimedia materials while videoconferencing including your screen, slide presentations, videos, audio clips, and files. The whiteboard feature allows you to draw or sketch your thoughts and share them in real-time with others. Additionally, Proficonf enables admins to assign roles (e.g., moderator, speaker, host, or participant) and facilitate the flow of discussions. As the conference administrator, you can mute one or more participants, block their camera, and ask participants to turn on their on microphones or cameras. Proficonf also allows you to record your  video conferences in HD quality and rewatch them later. You can record up to 3 hours of conference time and if you are a premium user you have the added option to set your Proficonf account to automatically start recoding when the video conference begins. 

If you are worried about your personal data and privacy, Proficonf employs cutting edge security technology to ensure the safety of your information using TLS (transport layer security) protocol. This "data transmission method is a top-notch solution for companies dealing with private accounts of all sorts." As a freemium platform, Proficonf comes in two plans. A free plan that offers a limited set of functionalists (e.g., up to 25 participants for the conference with no time limits, up to 500 MB on file hosting and HD-video.), and a premium plan with more interesting features ($ 12 / month - up to 100 participants or $ 25 / month - up to 250 participants).  Check out this page to learn about pricing.

Proficonf can be used for different purposes including:
1.For educational events - lessons, webinars, conferences. On the platform you can not only communicate and use chat, but also demonstrate documents,  media files, videos from YouTube, use the drawing board.
2. As an online platform for meetings, tablets, strategic sessions. Here you can gather a team in one minute - it will go to send all participants a link to the event. There is no need to install or download anything, as with Zoom or Skype.
3. For consultations, business meetings, forums - events that require multi-level team management. With a paid plan, you can assign roles to participants - viewer, moderator, speaker.
In addition to public organizations, the platform will be useful for teachers, tutors, online schools, universities, training centers.

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Watch the video below to learn more about Proficonf

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