Basic iPad Tips for Teachers

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iPad has been increasingly adopted as an instructional tool in classrooms especially in the north American context. As a versatile device, iPad provides boundless learning and teaching opportunities that were to the recent past unthought of. In today’s post, we are highlighting some of the basic skills or activities every teacher using or planning to use iPad in class should be aware of. For each of these skills we provided 3 suggested apps to help you cultivate the skill under question. Of course, the selection of both the skills and apps is subjective and based  entirely on our own experience of using iPad and reviewing apps. The 10 skills we believe are integral to every iPad integration in education include: create presentations, create digital stories, create video content, create animated tutorials, take notes, create educational visuals, create digital portfolios, create books, create audio recordings, and create mind maps.

This visual is an updated version of a previous infographic we published here last year. Feel free to download, print or share our infographic the way you want provided you keep it free of charge and include a link back to our blog.

You can download the visual below in PDF format from this link.
  10 Essential iPad Skills for Teachers

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