5 Important Google Classroom Features for Teachers

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Here is a useful visual we published awhile ago featuring some of the new features added to Google Classroom during the second half of this year. To stay updated of the latest releases in Google Classroom, you may want to periodically visit this page . The features we handpicked for you in this visual include: single view of student work, reorder class cards, decimal grading, transfer class ownership, display class code. To learn more about these tips check out Google's post:  "10 ways we’re making Classroom and Forms easier for teachers this school year."

5 New Things You Can Do in Google Classroom This School Year

1- Single view of student work
Classroom now has a dedicated page for every student that showcase all of their work in a class. ‘With this new view, teachers and students can see the status of every assignment, and can use filters to see assigned work, missing work, or returned and graded work.’

2- Reorder class cards
Teachers can reorder their classes and organize them based on their own criteria (e.g., work load priorities, daily schedule, etc).

3- Decimal grading
Classroom integrated decimal grading allowing teachers to ‘use decimal points when grading assignments in Google Classroom.’

4- Transfer class ownership
With this new feature teachers and admins are able to transfer ownership of Classroom classes to other teachers without having to recreate them.

5-Display class code
Teachers are now able to display a unique class code in full screen so students can rapidly join new classes.