Windows Math Apps for Young Learners

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For those of you asking about math Windows apps to use with kids the collection below has you covered. We  curated for you some of the top rated math apps for young learners. The purpose is to enhance your kids math skills and boost their mathematical thinking. The apps feature a number of  interactive games, puzzles, quizzes and activities that cover basic math from learning numbers and shapes to practicing addition and subtraction. Check them out and share with us if you have other suggestions to add to the list.

Some of The Best Windows Apps for Teaching Kids Math

1- Math Flashcards Grade 1
‘Math Flashcards Grade 1 is a great educational tools for school-age children. Your child will have fun learning 1st grade math.’

2- Learn Numbers 1 - 100
‘Now play the Number Quiz in a way kids will love. Help your child learn what comes after or before any number. Practice addition or Subtraction. Learn counting numbers from 1 to 100. Helps you learn the sound of each number. It will keep your child busy for a while.’

3- Math Kid Grade 1
‘Math Kid Grade 1 is a great educational tools for school-age children to practice and master all the essential math skills with dynamically created problems.’

4- Learn Forms and Shapes
‘Using the "Learn forms and shapes" your children quickly learn the basic shape of objects. Educational games can help you quickly learn the appropriate forms, and have fun. The full version contains audio pronunciation of the names of forms, as well as additional educational games.’

5- Math and numbers for kids
‘Math and numbers for kids' will help your child quickly and easily learn how to count to 10. Count animals with the children, remember and draw the numbers, play games.’

6- Math Flashcards!
‘Math Flashcards is a great educational tools for school-age children. Your child will have fun learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.’

7- iMath Free
‘iMath is designed to help children under the age of 12 to improve math ability and develop interests in mathematics.’

8- Math Studio
‘All you need in math. Step by step solutions and formulas... and many more.
- Geometry
- Quadratic Function
- Linear Function
- Math Sequences
- Algebra
- Vectors
- Linear System’
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