How to choose a plagiarism checker for Canvas

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Canvas LMS offers many useful functions by default, but plagiarism detection isn’t one of them. However, you can easily fill this functional gap by third-party tools like Unicheck. This plagiarism checker helps prevent most types of plagiarism: intentional, unintentional and even contract cheating. Let’s take a look at its capabilities.

1- Full integration with Canvas and native flow
Unicheck can be flexibly installed on account, sub-account and course levels. This plagiarism tool embeds into Canvas’ native flow. With minimum action required, you can directly check submissions in the LMS. Unicheck also offers 24/7/365 personal support for users, delivering instant responses as questions arise.

2- 100% privacy and security
Unicheck doesn’t require any additional effort from LMS admins to provide complete security. Its servers are hosted in AWS Cloud, and the tool is fully compliant with FERPA and GDPR.

3- Deep, accurate, and reliable plagiarism detection
After checking the submitted paper for plagiarism, Unicheck generates a detailed report. It produces a clear review of all matching sources, quotes, references, text modifications and plagiarism statistics. All suspicious segments are marked directly in the text. Reports are also available for download in PDF format.

Unicheck performs a similarity search across the internal libraries of educational establishments, open databases, and the most recent web index.

Working on the auto-scaling principle, Unicheck can simultaneously process a large number of papers with accuracy and speed. This is critical during finals week and other peak seasons of the academic year. 

4- High-end technologies, NLP, and artificial intelligence
Unicheck examines over 40 billion web pages and offline sources of academic libraries in search of text similarities. Whether the original source was published 10 minutes ago or has been collecting dust for decades, Unicheck will find the borrowed parts in the submitted work.

The program detects all possible text modifications with its ModiFind tool. It identifies and highlights replaced characters, invisible symbols, text-as-images, extra spaces, multiple document layers and suspicious formatting from the submitted paper.

To prevent contract cheating, Unicheck utilizes a self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm called Emma. It only takes around 3000 words for Emma to recognize the author’s unique writing style and differentiate it from the writing of others.

5- Analytics module to improve students writing
Unicheck is developing an analytics module that will help track students’ success in writing. This NLP-based algorithm will assist teachers in giving feedback on students’ work and providing direction for areas of growth. Students will then be able to improve their writing using the recommendations produced.

6- Transparent pricing
Unicheck offers a full set of features for plagiarism prevention. There are multiple plans available with fixed pricing and no hidden fees.

To Sum It Up
Choosing a plagiarism checker for Canvas may seem a daunting task. You should be scrupulous while considering factors like performance, data safety, and reliability of functions. For these reasons, finding a solution to cover all this and much more will make a difference in the educational experience.

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