A Series of Educational Videos to Help Students Learn about YouTube

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Over the last few months YouTube added a number of interesting features to enhance your youTube viewing experience and enable you to create great videos using YouTube Editor. For instance, if you have recently accessed YouTube through your mobile device you will notice a new feature called Live Stream added there. Similar to Facebook live stream, YouTube live streaming allows you to connect with your audience and broadcast content live. To learn more about this feature, check out these guidelines from this page.

In today’s post we are sharing with you this collection of short video tutorials created by the folks in YouTube to help you understand some of the basics of how YouTube works and  some of the things you can do on it to make the best of your YouTube experience. More specifically, you will get to learn how YouTube search and discovery works, how to link your phone or tablet to YouTube on TV, how to watch history on YouTube, how recommendations work, and finally how to delete search history on YouTube.

1- Watch History on YouTube

2- 'The Algorithm' - How YouTube Search & Discovery Works

3- Search history on YouTube

4- Recommendations on YouTube

5- Link your phone or tablet to YouTube on TV

Source: YouTube Help
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