Here Is A Very Good Parental Control App to Use with Your Kids

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Famisafe is a great parental control app to try our with your kids. It offers a wide variety of features and functionalities that make parenting much easier. It enables you to monitor your kids screen time, block unwanted application and websites, track your kids locations and see where they have been, prevent cyberbullying, and many more. The way Famisafe works is simple and easy: register a membership account, install Famisafe app on both your and kids cell phone. The app is available on both Goole Play Store and App Store. Once the app is installed you can then easily start monitoring your kids phone right from your own smartphone. Check this step by step guide to learn more about how to install Famisafe app and set up parental control.

Here is an over of the main features provided by Famisafe:

1- Cyberbullying prevention
One of the important features of Famisafe is that it alerts you through text messages of potential 'risk of cyberbullying, inappropriate adult content, harassment and more in you kids' text conversations.'

2- Real-time location tracking and Geo-fencing
You can use Famisafe to track your kids locations and access a history of the places they have been to. You can even set geo-fences as safe zones and get alerts whenever kids enter or quit them

3- App blocker and activity monitor
With this feature you will be able to not only block your kids access to certain apps but will enable you to view which apps they use the most, how they fare on social media apps, and learn about the apps they have installed or uninstalled on their smartphones.  To maximize your kids study time, Famisafe lets you block apps during specific times like for instance during  study or sleep time.

4- Web content filtering
Like app blocker, this feature lets you block kids access to websites that might have inappropriate content such as violence, pornography, gambling and many more.

5- Screen time tracking and control
This is another great feature to help you monitor time spent on your kids phones.  You can set time limits so that the phone wont be used during specific times or in predetermined places like bedrooms and schools.

6-Flexible remote control and personalization setting
Famisafe allows you to monitor your kids phone right from the comforts of your own device. You will be able to handle and customize everything the way you want.

Check this demo to see Famisafe in action.
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