Educational Music Apps for High School Students

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Here are some good app recommendations for both teachers and students. These are  music apps curated specifically for high schoolers. Students can use them to improve their musicality including: learn how to easily create music, enhance your knowledge of music theory, identify complex chords, develop your listening skills, train your ears to recognize intervals, learn to play guitar and drum and many more. Links to the apps are under the visual.

10  Good iPad Music Apps for High School Students
1- GarageBand
‘GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. And with Live Loops, it makes it easy for anyone to have fun creating music like a DJ, by triggering loops and audio effects in real time.’

2- The Orchestra
‘A new way to experience classical music. Esa-Pekka Salonen conducts the world-renowned Philharmonia Orchestra, performing extracts from eight works representing three centuries of symphonic music.’

3- Tenuto
‘Tenuto is a collection of 20 highly-customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on a keyboard to identifying intervals by ear, it has an exercise for you. Tenuto also includes five musical calculators for accidentals, intervals, chords, analysis symbols, and twelve-tone matrices.’

4- Music Theory 
‘Dramatically improve and develop your LISTENING SKILLS and tone control, identify complex written CHORDS, increase your knowledge base of MUSIC THEORY, and even learn all about your favorite classical COMPOSERS. With the latest in Brainscape’s proven cognitive science techniques, you’ll learn faster and more efficiently than with any other music app on the market.’

5- Theory Lessons
‘Theory Lessons features 39 music theory lessons from, presented in their original animated versions.’

6- Guitar Interval Ear Trainer
‘One of the first steps in ear training is recognizing intervals. Knowing what the distance is between two notes. Because every melody, chord or scale consists of a series of intervals, this is a very useful and also fundamental skill in music.’

7- Scales and Modes for iPad
‘Scales and Modes is an interactive visual and audio reference for the diatonic scales and modes that are fundamental in music theory. View major and minor modes on the musical staff, see fingerings for both keyboard and guitar, and listen to the scales note by note, in any key. Violin and bass guitar fingerings are also available as an in app purchase add on.’

8- GuitarToolkit
‘Lighten your gig bag! GuitarToolkit delivers all your essential guitar tools—tuner, metronome, chords, scales & arpeggios. Supports all your instruments! 6-, 7- and 12-string guitar, 4-, 5- and 6-string bass, ukulele, banjo and mandolin, each with standard & alternate tunings.’

9- Drum School
‘Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Drum School is the perfect tool for advancing and expanding your skills.  With a large selection of grooves, exercises and practice ideas, Drum School will continue to take you to the next level. It is also the perfect tool for easy access to a large library of professional sounding grooves for play along and as a reference library.’

10- Tempo
‘Ever since its release, Tempo has been consistently in the top 100 of the Music category in over 30 countries, and the top paid metronome app in most countries. Tempo's engine is written from the ground up for high accuracy and stability. It keeps going even in device lock mode, making it a useful aid for live drumming.’

Source: iTunes App Store Collections
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