Educational Chomrbook Apps for Teachers and Students

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For those of you using Chromebooks in your instruction, below is ou updated  collection of some of the best educational apps you can install and use with your device. The purpose is to provide you with a one-stop place where you can easily access and find apps curated by teachers for teachers saving you precious time to use on other pedagogical activities. We have arranged these apps into the following categories:

  • Apps for science teachers
  • Apps for social studies teachers
  • Apps  for taking notes
  • Apps  for creating timelines
  • Apps for digital storytelling
  • Apps  for creating and editing videos
  • Apps for creating educational infographics and posters
  • Apps for creating animations
  • Apps  for annotating web content
  • Apps for creating beautiful drawings
  • Apps for creating flyers and newsletters
  • Apps for planning and managing projects
  • Apps for collecting students feedback
  • Apps for task management
  • Apps for editing photos

Chromebook Apps for Science Teachers
Chromebook Apps for Social Studies Teachers
Chromebook Apps for Taking Notes
Chromebook Apps  for Creating Timelines
Chromebook Apps for Digital Storytelling
Chromebook Apps for Creating and Editing Videos
Chromebook Apps for Creating Educational Infographics and Posters
Chromebook Apps for Creating Animations
Chromebook Apps for Annotating Web Content
Chromebook Apps for Creating Beautiful Drawings
Chromebook App for Creating Flyers and Newsletters
Chromebook Apps for Collecting Students Feedback
Chromebook Apps for Planning and Managing Projects
Chromebook Apps for Task Management
Chromebook Apps for Editing Photos