6 Helpful Google Scholar Tips for Teachers and Students

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Google Scholar is one of the top academic search engines out there. It provides research community with a host of useful features that facilitate their work and enhance their productivity. We have extensively covered Google Scholar in our previous posts and we have an entire section dedicated to everything teachers and student researchers need to know to tap into the educational potential of this platform. In today’s post, we are sharing with you an infographic we created a few months ago that turned into one of the most popular posts of 2016. The visual features 6 important tips to smartly use Google Scholar. These are:
  • Refine your keywords
  • Search for articles by specific authors
  • Search for articles in a specific publication,
  • Search for articles published within a specified timeframe
  •  Create Google Scholar alerts
  •  Locate the full text of an article.
6 Important Tips to Smartly Use Google Scholars
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