Another Educational Tool for Creating Interactive Visual Content

Share this post: is a good web tool you can use to create engaging visual content. It is somewhat similar to Thinglink we reviewed before. You can use to create interactive  presentations, educational posters, infographics, microsites, images and enrich them with a wide variety of multimedia content. The interactivity part is what gives your visual content dynamism and makes it engaging, For instance, you can create a classroom poster or an animated infographic where you embed interactive content such as  audio files, video clips, documents..etc which students can access with a single click. ‘You can even enrich your content with hundreds of external providers like Spotify, Google Maps, social media, Amazon, YouTube, the News, and more!’ is simple to use and does not require any coding skills. You can either use a pre-designed template or create your own from scratch. It is also available in different languages. To use you need to register, registration is free. Watch  the video below to learn more about this tool .

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