8 Important Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers

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For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is an updated version of our popular  visual  featuring some of the best Google Docs add-ons for teachers.  Some of the things you can do with these add-ons include:
  • Give and receive feedback using both voice and text comments
  • Insert accents for different languages into your Google Doc
  • Easily and quickly create educational rubrics
  • Create and insert graphs, equations, and math quizzes into your Google Doc
  • Use speech recognition to voice type your Google docs
  • Access and use a huge library of clipart images to use in your docs
  • Automatically create a table of content for easy document navigation
  • Create and insert diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps into your docs
  • Add electronic signatures to your docs and share them in PDF format
  • Automatically cite sources and generate bibliographies
Here are the links to the add-ons featured in the visual:
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