Two Helpful Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers and Students

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Editing a Google document can sometimes be a cumbersome task given the limited editing options embedded in Docs editor. The add-ons we are sharing with you today will help you overcome this structural limitation. They will provide you with a collection of useful features to help you with the editing of your documents. For instance, you can use them to quickly change the case of the text, capitalize first letters, increase/decrease font, sort and arrange tables, capitalize first letters, change numbers to text and many more.

1- Doc Tools

This is a helpful add-on that combines a number of key functionalities that allow you to edit your Google document the way you want. There are actually 13 tools you can access from this add-on. For instance, you can use the ‘Increase font’ Decrease font’ tools to make your text bigger or smaller, there is also a tool to ‘quickly capitalize each sentence, toggle case, change it to uppercase or lowercase, and to start each word with a capital letter.’ Another tool helps you ‘highlight important information and use the possibility to remove any particular color from the selection.’ And if you work with tables, there is a tool that lets you ‘arrange your table rows, list items, or even headings with all their text in alphabetical order. ’

2- Change case

This is another handy add-on that enables you to make quick changes to the case of text in block selections. You can select a text and with one click change all characters to uppercase or lowercase. You can also capitalize only first letters or invert the case of each character. This add-on also supports sentence case capitalization and title case capitalization.