Best Practices for Integrating Technology in Your Teaching

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The book we selected for you for this week is Michelle Pacansky's "Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies ". This is an excellent work that will help you better understand the concept of emerging technology and show through concrete examples how you integrate then in your own teaching.

According to Pacansky, emerging technologies are " tools or types of tools that are making an impact in teaching and learning but are not yet adopted in mainstream teaching practices." Examples of these technologies  include: cloud based technologies, web 2.0 tools, social media, and mobile apps.

The book places an elemental emphasis on students' experiences, provides a framework for evaluating tools, and shares stories, tips, and showcase samples from both the author's own classes as well as other instructors' classes. As Pacansky himself stated:
If professors are encouraged, inspired, and incentivized to teach with emerging technologies, the playing field will shift and college will play a formative role in mastering necessary 21st-century skills and encouraging students to develop a credible digital footprint, which will play an important role in an individual’s personal and professional success long after college.
The main things you will get to learn from this book as a teacher and instructor include :
  • Different strategies and techniques for integrating emerging technologies in your teaching.
  • Fundamentals about student privacy and copyright issues
  • The impact of web 2.0 technologies on the way we learn and socialize
  • Criteria to consider when evaluating tools to use in your classes
  • Introduction to a wide array of web tools to create a truly student-centered, and participatory learning experiences.
Check it out and share with us your feedback. Enjoy
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