An Excellent Google App to Help Students with Their Homework

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Socratic is an excellent app students can use to help them with their homework. The app is completely free and offers a wide variety of interesting features. It covers different subjects including: Math, Science, English, History, Economics and many more. Students simply take a photo of their homework question and Socratic provides them with explanations in the form of videos and step-by-step guides curated from online sources such as Khan Academy, Crash Course, and others.

The way Socratic works is very simple: Students snap a photo of their homework problem or math question, Socratic’s artificial intelligence capabilities automatically recognize the concepts students need to learn in order for them to answer it then it provides them with the appropriate content to study. ‘Socratic’s world-class math solver allows students to get step-by-step help by taking a picture of an individual equation. Mixed with color-coded substeps and explanations, Socratic provides the best math helper available, all for free. The Socratic app represents a huge improvement in how students learn on their phones. Whether doing HW for Biology, Algebra, US History, or Chemistry, Socratic can help you learn better and faster!’

Socratic is also available for Android users. Watch the video below to learn more about this app.