9 Great Spelling Apps for Elementary Students

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A few weeks ago we started a section here in EdTech & mLearning dedicated entirely to iPad apps to use with elementary students; check it out to see the resources we have published so far. Today we are adding another useful resource featuring a number of interesting iPad apps to help young learners improve their spelling. These include engaging games and challenging activities to assist elementary students rapidly learn correct spelling and enhance their writing. Have a look at the titles we curated for you from iTunes App Store and share with us your feedback.

Links to the apps are under the visual.

12 Useful Apps to Help Elementary Students  Improve Their Spelling

1- Word Wagon
‘Word Wagon is a fun, award-winning app teaching letters, phonics and spelling. Based on Common Core State Standards kids will learn letter names, sounds and spelling of 4 and 6 letter words. AGES: 2-6.’

2- Alpha Writer
‘Utilizing fun and unique illustrations, your child will practice writing and reading, in a series of self-directed and engaging activities. Start with phonetics and then proceed to phonograms!’

3- Simplex Spelling Phonics
‘Simplex Spelling is one of the best ways to improve English spelling and reading skills. Using a powerful combination of phonics lessons, spelling/word patterns, syllabication, our unique “reverse phonics” (phonics encoding) approach and contextually relevant spelling rules.’

4- Rocket Speller PLUS
‘Kids join Zip the alien on an out-of-this-world spelling adventure to build a new rocket ship. They'll spell words to help him fly to 3 different planets and collect the rocket pieces he needs. The game ends when they launch their fancy new rocket into space and steer it through a short star-collecting mini-game.’

5- Simplex Spelling HD
‘Simplex Spelling improves English spelling and reading skills in a fun and interactive way by combining a unique “reverse phonics” approach with contextually relevant spelling rules that explain why words are spelled in a particular manner. It works like a personal spelling coach with every word.’

6- Build A Word
‘The underlying pedagogical methodology for this application is to teach students letters as well as to teach them how to combine letters into words. A student is offered either/both a visual prompt or/and audio prompt to "write" a word. The word is to be ‘written’ by dragging appropriate letters one at a time in the designated slot in the correct order. Success is rewarded by a short fun game.’

7- SpellBoard
‘SpellBoard allows you to create any spelling quiz in any language. That's right, you could even use this for your Spanish class! SpellBoard adds fun activities to your custom spelling lists. Including Word Search, Word Scramble, Alphabetize, Word/Sentence Matching, and Missing Letter puzzles.’

8- Word Wizard
‘Word Wizard offers several unique reading and spelling activities for children ages four to 10’

9- Happi and The Pirates
‘Use your spell-power to uncover treasure chest keys. Rely on your deductive skills to unlock troves for the tools you need to search Pirate Island for clues to the final puzzle.’
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