How to Check Student Submissions for Plagiarism in Google Classroom

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With the growing open access to information, cases of plagiarism became much more frequent. Moreover, cheating methods students resort to have matured into more sophisticated and technologically-based strategies.

While some teachers argue that only utter trust can be a solid foundation for the quality educational process, Challenge Success Student Survey reports that up to 86% of students admitted they’ve been cheating at least once monthly during the previous school year. Therefore, many institutions choose to combat this issue with the help of software tools.

Unlike other quite clumsy and monolithic plagiarism detection solutions, Unicheck is one innovative and easy-to-use software. Aiming at helping institutions to make their students successful they build an accessible cutting-edge software solution.

Your LMS admin can integrate it into Google Classroom in a couple of clicks so that Unicheck becomes an invisible, yet essential part of the learning process.

Unicheck’s plagiarism report is a detailed breakdown of the similarities found throughout the Internet and numerous educational databases as a result of an extensive, real-time scan of each student’s submission. 

How it works:
Selected courses in your institution are monitored for new submissions. They’re being scanned automatically for similarities right in Google Classroom.
  • A plagiarism report is easily available in the form of a comment in every Google Classroom submission. There is also a backup copy of the report delivered to your email.

  • It takes a couple of minutes for each report to generate in real-time. You can choose to either check and send a report to your email right after it was submitted, or to bulk-check all submissions when the assignment is due.
  • For easy navigation, the report itself contains highlighted similarities, citations, references, and cheating attempts - all in different colors.
  • There is a PDF version of the report available for download in one click for easy sharing and review purposes.
  • Cherry on top! To help students learn how to write original text and cite sources correctly, Unicheck enables them to independently run similarity checks and resubmit papers before the due date of the assignment.
Highly user-friendly and reasonably priced, Unicheck facilitates the daily grading routine for teachers by both taking routine tasks away and providing a comprehensive base for scoring.
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