Here A Good Educational Resource for Teachers

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Smithsonian Learning Lab is a powerful learning hub where teachers and students can create, explore and share a wide variety of learning materials. Created by the Smithsonian Centre for Learning and Digital Access, Smithsonian Learning Lab provides teachers and students access to a treasure trove of learning resources that include over a million images, recordings and texts. The internal search functionality helps users easily search for  and locate relevant materials .

An important feature provided by the Smithsonian Learning Lab is that it enables students and teachers to personalize materials they find on the site. They can add their ‘own notes and tags, incorporate discussion questions, and save and share. The Learning Lab makes it simple. By encouraging users to create and share personalized collections of Smithsonian assets and user-generated resources, the Learning Lab aspires to build a global community of learners who are passionate about adding to and bringing to light new knowledge, ideas, and insight.The Learning Lab infuses real-world experiences into learning to build lasting knowledge and critical skills that take learners from simply finding resources to thoughtful selection, organization, and creation of new resources.’

Watch the video below to learn more about the Smithsonian Learning Lab.