Google Keep Guide for Teachers and Students

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Google Keep is one of the best free note taking tools out there. It provides a wide variety of features that allow you to easily create and share notes and lists. And for mobile users, they have the added feature to create audio notes. Just a few days ago, Google announced the integration of Keep into Google Docs. This means that you can access your Keep notes while working on Docs, drag and drop your notes into your document and search your notes without having to leave Docs.  We have already covered the basic Google Keep tips teachers using this tool should know about (see the visual at the bottom of the post to learn more). Today, we are sharing with you this handy chart incorporating useful guidelines to help you make the best of Google Keep in your instruction. Upon clicking on any of the titles below, you will be directed to a page in Keep Help where you will get to learn more about the corresponding feature.

Google Keep Guidelines for Teachers
Get started with Google Keep
Create and edit notes and lists
Organize notes and lists
Search notes and lists
Set up reminders for your notes

You can also check our infographic below for a review of the main Keep features.

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