A New Google Docs Add-on for Checking on Plagiarism

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Are you tired of using multiple checkers to make sure the paper submitted by a student is original? The PlagiarismCheck.org team integrated a high-quality anti-duplication software into Google Docs so that you do not need to open various tools in different tabs. The brand has been around for several years already, always keeping its technology up-to-date.

 Why should I use the PlagiarismCheck.org add-on? 
 Using the add-on will save the time you usually spend on switching between tabs, waiting for software to process text. The checker integrated into Google Docs will automatically search text for plagiarism every time you run it. There’s no need for extra checkers to analyze the originality of your content.

 The benefits of the software  
The add-on developed by PlagiarismCheck.org is an advanced anti-duplication software program that detects any copied content, including paraphrasing, rewriting, and patchwriting. The tool is essential for teachers of K-12 and higher education establishments who need to make sure their students comply with academic integrity. The add-on not only detects plagiarism but also reveals its type and provides links to the sources of information that it was taken from.

 How do I install the add-on into my Google Docs?
 Having integrated the software into your Google Docs once, you will be able to spend the minimum amount of time on checking each paper for plagiarism. Get the add-on for free from the store and start it in the “Add-ons” section of your Google Docs. Then, sign in to your PlagiarismCheck account and you are ready to run the checker in your doc. With minimum effort, you can get a comprehensive anti-plagiarism check only using your Google Docs tab.

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