A Good Web Tool to Promote Students Deeper Thinking

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Trading Card is a great tool from  ReadWriteThink to use with students to engage them in a wide variety of creative learning activities. More specifically, students can use it to analyze characters and events in stories they read  or videos they watch. It will help enhance their reading comprehension by teaching them how to focus on important details of a story. Additionally, Trading Card provides students with a communicative channel through which they can express their views and impressions about what they read.

Trading Card is very simple and easy to use. Students start with typing in a name for their trading card then enter a topic and select one of the 7 card types: Fictional person, Real person, Fictional Place, Real place, Physical Object, Event, Abstract concept or they can chose to create their own. Next, students answer questions, insert an image,  and complete the information to create their own card. Once done editing they can add their card to an existing collection or create a new collection. Each collection can have up to 8 cards. ‘A planning sheet is available so children can start thinking about their answers before starting the online exercise. When finished, they can print the completed card (see sample), cut out the two pieces, and tape them together to make a two-sided card.’
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