5 Good Android Apps to Help Students with Their Homework

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A few weeks ago we shared with you here in EdTech and mLearning a list of 10 good iPad apps to help students with their homework. Here is another list of equally important apps for Android users who need help with their math homework. The apps are meant to help students find solutions to their math problems but are only to be used as a last resort after students  do all their best to work them out on their own. Check them out below and if you have other suggestions to add to this list, share with us in our Facebook page.

1- Photomath

‘Simply point your camera toward a math problem and Photomath will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions.’

2- Mathway

‘From basic algebra to complex calculus, Mathway instantly solves your most difficult math problems - simply type your problem in (or point your camera and snap a pic!) to receive instant free answers. Need detailed step-by-step solutions? Mathway is like a private tutor in the palm of your hand, providing instant homework help anywhere, anytime.’

3- AutoMath Photo Calculator

‘AutoMath will give you the answer of any math question by simply taking a photo of it. Automath is a great way to check your homework, study and learn math. Automath even provides mobile tutoring from a live tutor to help you understand any math subject.’

4- Cymath- math Problem Solver

‘With millions of Cymath.com users worldwide, the Cymath app uses the same math engine while letting you solve problems on the go. Just enter your math problem, and let Cymath solve it for you step-by-step! We cover math topics such as pre-algebra, algebra and calculus.’

5- Math Tricks

‘This program is designed for those who want to learn interesting mathematical tricks to speed up the calculating. These tricks will help solve part of the mathematical problems and tasks much faster than classical. Will also be helpful to those who want to hone basics such as the multiplication table.’
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