Students Guide to Citing Online Sources (APA Style)

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Following the publication of our MLA poster, we have received several requests from our readers asking for a similar poster for APA style. We went ahead and created the visual below to help you better understand how to cite online sources in APA style. The guidelines and examples featured in this visual are taken from the book Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th Edition (American Psychological Association, 2010, pp. 200-210). The book provides guidelines on how to cite several other materials from printed documents to legal and court documents. It also includes chapters on writing clearly and concisely, mechanics of style, manuscript structure and content, crediting sources and many more. It is absolutely a great manual to have in your library.

The visual below is available for free download from this link. Feel free to download, print, share or distribute it the way you want provided you credit us as the source and keep it free of charge.

After we have been alerted by one of our readers that italics are missing we updated the visual and added italics where they should be.  Thank you for your feedback.
   An Interesting Visual on How to Cite Online Sources in APA Style
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