Make The Best of Your Google Drive with These Search Tips

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If you are a heavy user of Google Drive, chances are you already have so much of your content stored there. While Google Drive does provide some excellent organizing features that allow you to  sort out and categorize your content into an easily navigable interface , but sometimes the search process can be really overwhelming and this is why knowing how to smartly search your Drive can save you so much time and enable you to quickly locate and access your saved data. The visual we have for you today (for those of you who haven’t seen it yet) features 8 excellent search tips to help you conduct effective searches in your Google Drive. Whether you are looking for documents that contain specific quotes or phrases, documents shared with you or with a particular person,  document under specific titles or type …etc, the tricks below, initially featured here,  will absolutely help you easily find them. All of the tips are taken from Drive Help where you can access more information and details on everything related to the workings of Google Drive.

You can also download this visual in PDF format from this link.
  8 Tips to Smartly Search Your Google Drive