Important Tips to Help You Make The Best of Google Sheets in Your Instruction

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This is the sixth post in a series of posts geared towards helping teachers, educators and students make the best of Google services in education. Today we are featuring Google Sheets, an excellent tool to help you create, edit, format and share a wide variety of spreadsheets with others. Using the guidelines below. you will get to learn almost everything you need to master Sheets from creating and sharing spreadsheets to viewing and editing settings of spreadsheets.

Previous charts we have published so far include: Google Drive ChartChromebook chart,  YouTube chart,  Google Maps guidelines chart, and Google Forms chart.

Google Sheets Guidelines for Teachers
Create, edit and format spreadsheets
Work with sheets,
Publish and embed your spreadsheet
Functions and formulas
Create and edit charts
Spreadsheets settings, views and printing
Work with data

Source: Docs Editor Help