Educational Websites for High School Students

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Here is a vey good collection of websites for high school students curated from our archives here in EdTech and mLearning in response to requests from some our readers. Categorizing resource websites by grade is not always accurate and some of these resources can be used with different age categories. However, we tried to come up with what we think are some of the most important platforms  students in high school should know about. If you have other suggestions to add to the list, please share with us in our Facebook page.

10 Excellent Educational Websites for High School Students

1- PBS Learning Media for Students

‘PBS LearningMedia for Students is a teacher-managed environment that allows students of any age to create their own learning experiences by engaging directly with innovative, curriculum-targeted content. From project-based learning to flipped lesson plans, PBS LearningMedia for Students invites a unique opportunity for students to take control of their own learning.’

2- Smithsonian Education Students

‘It provides education resources and information, lesson plans, field trips, and interactive activities based on Smithsonian museum collections and research.’

3- The Library of Congress

‘The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, newspapers, maps and manuscripts in its collections…The Library preserves and provides access to a rich, diverse and enduring source of knowledge to inform, inspire and engage you in your intellectual and creative endeavors.’

4- Google Arts and Culture

‘Google Arts & Culture features content from over 1200 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring the world's treasures online.’

5- CK-12

‘This is a platform that provides high quality curated STEM content for teachers and students. Its library has over 5000 math and science materials ideal to use in class.’

6- ReadWriteThink

This is another great website for teachers. 'It offers a plethora of educational materials and resources to use in your classroom with your students. These include things such as interactive, printable, lesson plans and many more. You can also check this section to access Readwritethink’s interacitive tools we have reviewed in the past.’

7- Prodigy

Prodigy is a free, adaptive math game that integrates Common Core math (1st-7th grade) into a fantasy style game that students absolutely love playing. Prodigy takes game-based learning a step further and provides teachers with a powerful set of reporting and assessment tools that allow them to easily identify trouble spots, differentiate instruction, and better manage classroom time.

8- Khan Academy

‘Learn using videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in math (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, linear algebra), science (biology, chemistry, physics), economics, and even the humanities with playlists on art history, civics, finance, and more.’

9- EdX

EdX offers free online courses from world’s top universities including ‘Harvard University, MIT, UC Berkeley, Tsinghua University, Microsoft, Linux, The Smithsonian and more. Courses cover different topics like computer science, engineering, history, psychology, nutrition, big data, statistics and hundreds more.’

10- DocsTeach

‘Access thousands of primary sources — letters, photographs, speeches, posters, maps, videos, and other document types — spanning the course of American history.’
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